TechNode – the ultimate interface

Multifunction interface for security business and the ultimate interface for Thor/ThorGuard installations.

  • Developed by TechSolutions A/S and Danish produced

The TechNode is truly an export success – on Dutch market, you will find more than 4.000 TechNode devices installed and used in several banks, museums and companies.

TechNode has built-in IP Alarm transmission with or without GPRS backup, and uses the open protocol SIA DC-09, as more and more companies/organizations require. Therefore, Siemens also chose to use the TechNode as alarm transmitter for the SPC central.

  • It is possible to create a virtually unlimited number of alarm accounts – without additional cost
  • An alarm account can cover a single alarm detector or the entire security installation including access control
  • SMS function can send specific alerts to a number of selected receivers and alternate receivers on a time schedule, and can receive SMS commands for displaying status, for Set/Unset of Intrusion and for door control.


TechNode as Aperiotm controller – wireless dorcontrol, read more 

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