TechPoint – IP Door Controller.

Open, innovative, flexible and intelligent Network door controller with multiple connection options for market-leading RFID card readers – wired or wireless.

TechPoint can work as an intelligent access controller for up to 16 wireless-operated doors while being a 2-door controller with several connected OSDP card readers.


Because our TechPoint is 100% web-based, we are removing the need for expensive server and a stationary PC. This alone, is typically more than half of the cost when a access-control.
The TechPoint is developed with the global environment in mind – the whole system is updated with firmware/software without any kind of change of the internal hardware. No need for service or maintenance of every single TechPoint, everything is updated via the central access management system. Therefore, electronic waste is eliminated and time is saved as well as the costs are minimized.



TechPoint is suitable for installation of all sizes. Choose between 3 solutions..

1) Compatible

Compatible to existing Access installations. Extend your security investment and be future-proof using TechPoint. Thor/ThorGuard installations are supported.

2) Complete

Solution for small to medium sized businesses such as offices, industries and retail stores. Simple installation without an Access management server. Built-in access management using your web browser. From one to several TechPoint in connectivity over Ethernet/IP  A unique and cost-effective combination that makes a difference.

3) Enterprise

Larger installations, such as industries, museums, universities and large offices. Enterprise installations have connectivity to Security Management Systems. Support for TechSMaRT – Open Security Management System. Hundreds of TechPoint’s in a network can be managed from TechSMaRT.


 Compatible with many 3rd part providers..

  • Open Protocols OSDP
  • Power over Ethernet (PoE+)
  • Direct connection to external SQL database
  • Danish design and production

TechPoint meets the demand and need for cost-effective and flexible access control systems. With the use of open protocols, it is up to the end user to choose reader with or without keyboard and display – and not least to choose a design that suits the architecture. For special needs and wants, we develop and adapt the TechPoint so meet all needs.

TechPoint supports SIA standard OSDP (Open Supervised Device Protocol) for encrypted serial communication with readers, such as Conlan, Cidron, PGH or HID. In addition, also proprietary protocols, for example to Deister readers.

TechPoint Figure IP RS485 R5

The software is developed with the customer in focus – in other words, the system can easily be tailored to work with multiple 3rd part market-leading providers, including Aperio®, SALTO SALLIS, SimonsVoss SmartIntego.

Read more get TechPoint Datasheet (EN)  TechPoint Datasheet (DK)

TechPoint Cloud phone app

TechPoint Cloud phone app makes it easy to remotely control doors on TechPoint devices.


  • Showing door list and their status
  • Controlling doors by issuing command such as: Secure, Release, Block
  • Simple setup by scanning QR code

The app is available for iOS devices iPhone/iPad and Android devices (phone/tablet):

Download on the App Store
Get it on Google Play

TechPoint API

TechPoint has Web API for integration with other products and services. For more details see below:

Web API docs
Cloud API docs