Rigshospitalet Nordfløjen

 Rigshospitalet with TechPoint

When safety meets a dynamic environment





Sustainable and flexible architecture

The New Rigshospital are presented in a sustainable, contemporary architecture, where consideration for patient safety, hygiene, occupational health and flexibility for future requirements plays a major role.

The goal of the construction is to improve conditions for our patients and staff, make them even better than they are today. At the same time it will help to increase the value of the highly specialized treatment which Rigshospitalet offer.


Treatment Building in zig-zag form

The Treatment building is shaped in a zig-zag form, with a main thoroughfare and local ‘streets’ in the clinical areas. This makes it possible for employees to move efficiently from A to B without disturbing examination in patient areas.

Daylight will find their way into most rooms and hallways, and architecture and interior design will make it easy for patients to orientate themselves.

With its focus on flexible architecture, the hospital gets major advantages: it will have a positive impact on eg, carers working day in bed areas, service-personnel options to get around and not least meet patients’ needs for peace and clarity.




So how does the TechPoint accommodate this intense hospital?




The TechPoint benefits the Nordfløjen project in several ways..

First of, it contributes to improving the flow of people using the new hospital. The controller delivers secure and fast access management in a demanding environment.

The TechPoint works perfectly seamless with the CIDRON readers, and meets the requirements in order to serve people with impaired vision/hearing.