Aperio Wireless – Online

Avoid keys ! – add wireless AperioTM technology to existing Access Control systems using a TechNode from TechSolutions


  • Any number of existing doors can be equipped with Aperio more cost-effective than alternative solutions, because it is easy to install and does not require any wiring of the door
  • Doors and locking systems do not need to be exchanged
  • There is no need to change users credentials – just use existing cards
    (Mifare UID, Mifare Sector, Mifare DESfire and iCLASS)
  • Aperio enabled doors are central managed from existing management system

The TechNode-AC solution provides unique possibilities and ultimate interoperability fully compatible with a Thor/ThorGuard Access Control system.

  • TechNode-AC is Aperio network controller supervises the Aperio locks
  • TechNode-AC is simultaneously an intelligent access controller containing all credential rights and door setting
  • Credentials authenticating independently of LAN connectivity
  • Scalable – up to 30 Aperio locks can be connected to one TechNode-AC
  • True integration to intrusion system. Access denied when intrusion area is set
  • Support access with Pin-code
  • TechNode-AC provides easy web-based configuration and diagnostics service facilities
  • Prepared for future Aperio products

 This simple maximizes the benefit on investments that have already been made.

TechNode-AC as Aperio network controller and intelligent access controller:


TechNode-AC supervises and controlling up to 30 Aperio doors through an Aperio communication HUB – ComHUB.
HUB 1:8 is capable to communicate with up to 8 Aperio locks.
When a card is presented to an Aperio reader, it sends the credentials information wireless to the HUB and directly to the TechNode-AC that makes the authentication and the access decision – access granted or denied.

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