CIDRON Readers

CIDRON Readers

For the first time ever, neXus, also known as one of the  leading international providers of security solutions presents their new generation of RFID/MiFare Readers..

CIDRON RFID card-readers combines cutting edge technology with a modern and timeless design, and a hardiness that makes it suitable in all environments and weather conditions. The CIDRON Readers belong to a whole new generation of RFID readers that support all current encrypted reading technologies and communication interfaces.

NFC Technology

The new reader also supports NFC technology, which for example allows for communication between the reader and smart phones. The units also have a Secure Access Model with SIM card, which allows for authentication and encryption. Cidron combines further reading technology with certificates for further enhanced security.

The reader can reach up to 10 cm reading distance. It can be adjusted to be assembled directly on a wall or on a junction box. The reader has a backlit keypad that is configurable.

Secure reader technology

The new reader supports EM, MIFARE and DESFire and gives users access to the latest equipment in the reader technology and communication. Cidron offered with or without a keyboard and supports AES128-encrypted application and sector reading and serial reading of MIFARE- and DESFire cards and key tags.

“Our new reader can in principle communicate with any access control system, and the modern technical platform means that our customers is also ensured the possibility of future updates,”

CIDRON benefits the costumers

All CIDRON Readers has a smart construction that allows individual customization. This benefits the costumer as they now can add their own graphical preferences. Also, by supporting all technologies and interfaces in a single product, companies get a simpler and more flexible working day.

Choose between the Standard model, or Slim-version – with or without keypad.



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