SimonsVoss – SmartIntego

Integrated access control in complex systems for building security.


Compatible with TechPoint IP-Door Controller

SimonsVoss SmartIntego systems provides digital access control systems, that are valued highly in security technology for buildings. SmartIntego by SimonsVoss impresses with seamless integration and optimum quality.

The TechPoint IP-Door Controller supports, and works perfectly with SimonsVoss SmartIntego Online systems.

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SimonsVoss – SmartIntego Digital SmartHandle

The SimonsVoss “Digital SmartHandle SmartIntego” uses a contactless system to communicate with identification media via the RFID reader integrated into the SmartHandle.

In online mode – the batteries perform for five years on average with up to 80.000 activations.

The new snap-in installation provides simple installation for doors up to 100mm thickness without any need to drill additional holes.

The version are available in Scandinavian Oval Profile as well as in Euro Profile & Swiss Round Profile.



SimonsVoss – SmartIntego Digital Locking Cylinder

The SimonsVoss SmartIntego Digital Locking Cylinder provides both internal and external acces points.

The SmartIntego Digital Locking Cylinder is extremely easy to fit, and is characterized by the high security standard it holds.

Like the SmartHandle, the Digital Locking Cylinder can ensure up to 80.000 activations in an online network, and with a lifespan of five years battery life in standby mode, servicering of the cylinder is minimal.


SimonsVoss  SmartIntego Digital PIN Code KeyPad

Maximum Security refers to the Digital PIN Code KeyPad from the SmartIntego selection – only with a SmartCard and by entering a four-eight digit code, acces is permitted.

The ultra slim PIN code keypad can be mounted indoors/outdoors without any wiring – if required, it can be surface-mounted onto glass!

With batteries lasting up to 50.000 activations, or up to 10 years on stand-by – the Digital PIN Code KeyPad offers minimal servicering.